We value our clients' experience at Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain.

We love to hear success stories from our clients! One of our clients, Don Baker, posted this great story to his Facebook page. He wanted to share the feat his dog, Carly, had the other day with the Animal Hospital of Signal Mountain. Here is Mr. Baker's post:

"It is with mixed emotions that I make this post.
My beautiful 7 year old mixed Jack Russell terrier, Carly, is in her final days of battling cancer. Her stomach has a mass that kept her from eating for about a week.... It has metastasized to her bone marrow and she can't make platelets for clotting. Thus, no surgery is possible.

However, that sweet baby mustered the strength and the spunk to protect her back porch bird feeder. She chased down and killed another squirrel. It is with great pride that I post the following pictures:"

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Mr. Baker!